October Community Partner Spotlight

This countywide volunteer program is designed to involve residents in volunteer activities. Volunteers directly contribute to the excellent quality of life residents enjoy in our community.

Gwinnett Days of Service I October 20 – 22
This historic weekend of community impact mobilizes hundreds of volunteers, corporations, schools, civic organizations, and nonprofits.

Volunteer projects addresses some of Gwinnett County’s most critical needs, such as food insecurity, homelessness, hunger, education, disabilities, veterans, seniors, and more. Many family-friendly service projects and collection drives are located in your community!

Live Healthy Gwinnett Community Dashboard

Being healthy matters in Gwinnett! Live Healthy Gwinnett has relaunched the Community Health DashboardLiveHealthyGwinnettData.com, providing a free, dynamic, easy to use, one-stop digital resource for access to community quality of life data. You will find up-to-date demographic, education, environmental, economic, health, social determinant and equity data that highlights trends, challenges and opportunities in our Gwinnett County communities; hundreds of maps, tables and figures and promising practices.

Community Health Dashboard How-to: Learn how to navigate LiveHealthyGwinnettData.com and leverage hundreds of maps, tables, figures and more.

October 26 I Zoom

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Gwinnett Health Finder

Linking un/underinsured Gwinnett residents to quality, affordable healthcare resources.

Community Health Dashboard

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